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Passive subwoofer

Passive subwoofer - HD 2050.40 

Passive subwoofer HD2050.40 has been designed to work with HD2050 dodecahedron.

The system composed by subwoofer HD2050.40, by HD2050 dodecahedron and by digital amplifier HD2050.20 allow to respond to very driven insulation needs. Laboratory of acoustic tests, producers of materials with high insulating characteristics, technicians with specific needs of measure or where is necessary a lot of energy at low and high frequency, they will find a complete and effective instrument.

Characteristics :

  • Acoustic insulation of high insulating materials
  • An spl of 130 dB on frequency range 45hz–120hz allow to subwoofer HD2050.40 combined to dodecahedron HD2050 and to digital amplifier HD2050.20 allow to measure insulation extremely high even at low frequencies.
  • HD2050.40 is the right solution for laboratories with measurement needs up with edile and naval insulation development.

Architectural acoustic of large areas: HD2050.40 includes dodecahedron HD2050 in measure applications of reverberation time for large areas. Often characteristics of frequency power and extension of dodecahedral speakers, in such environments, are not sufficient to recreate a sound field sufficiently widespread or high levels of sound pressure on large surfaces. Measures in this conditions can be not valid or too dependent to the need for a very low background rumor. HD2050.40 is the right choice.

Applications :

  • Forced sound insulation;
  • Acoustic absorption;
  • Reverberation time on large areas.

Rms power

500 w

Nominal impedance

4 ohm


Lf 1 x 12” (neodymiummagnet)


130 db spl picco @ 1 m

Frequency range

45 hz ÷ 120 hz


2x neutrik® nl4 speakon


590 x 500 x 370 mm


22 kg


Geal-coat scratchproof


Can be combined withhddigital amplifier2050.20

Note: neutrik® is a registered trademark of neutrik ag.




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