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Tapping machine

Tapping Machine - HD2040 

HD2040 is an impact noise generator normalized for the measure of ceilings acoustic insulation.

Characteristics :

  • Aluminum structure (light weight, easy transport);
  • Interiortreated withsound absorbing material;
  • 5 in line hammers in hardened stainless steel undeformable;
  • Electronically controlled engine;
  • Falling speed and impact frequency of hammers constantly monitored to guarantee compliance with regulation;
  • Optical sensor and LED indicators indicate the proper functioning of each hammer;
  • Spacer for the verification of the fall height;
  • Integrated spirit level for the horizontal positioning; Radio–controlled drive;
  • Supply voltage: 100-240 Vac/rechargeable lithium-ion battery with integrated battery charger

According to : ISO 140-6, ISO 140-7, ISO 140-8, ASTM E492 and E1007


5 in line

Hammers weight

500 ± 12 g each one

Drop height

40 mm

Beat interval

100 ± 20 ms

Average beat interval

100 ± 5 ms

Interval between the impact and the lifting of the hammer

< 80 ms

Distance between hammers

100 ± 3 mm

Hammers head

Diameter 30 ± 0,2 mm, sphericalimpact surface  with a radius of curvature500 ± 100 mm

Felling direction

Perpendicular to the impact surfacewithin± 0,5°

Supporting brackets

3 adjustablein height, rubber base

Serial outputservice

USB with type B connector

Remote control

By remote control (frequency 869,525 MHz, power 6 mW)

Power supply

100…240 Vac, 50÷60 Hz

Battery PackRechargeable lithium-ion battery, nominal voltage7.2V, nominal capacity2900 mAh

Power consumption

< 30 W

Battery life

80 minutes aprox. of continuous working

Operating temperatureand humidity

-10…+50 °C, 0…90 %UR no condensation

Dimensions (L x W x H)

520 x 162 x 280 mm coverwith handleand feet in transport position 566 x 262 x 280 mm, cover with handle and feet in  working position (excluding the antenna for the radio control)


11 kgmachine complete with battery pack 5.4 kg radio carrying case

Structure of the unit

Anodized aluminum andpainted


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