Ethical code

Ethical code



This code sets out the behaviour rules that must be applied in the business management. It is binding on directors, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, and others who interact with S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.


History of the Company

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. is a company with over twenty-year’ experience with an offering addressed to national and foreign companies, which use measuring and control instruments and instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT).


Values and general principles

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. works for the achievement of the following values:

  • Excellence: in goods and services quality, in the relationships with its customers and customer satisfaction;
  • Success: in individual growth and in the whole organization; - Ethics: the constant research of clear and fair relationships;
  • Well-being: of those involved in the business growth process. S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. bases its policy on the principles listed below.



S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. considers legality a fundamental principle in business management. The company respects the current laws, Ethical Code, procedures and practices generally accepted in this field.

All those who work or keep in touch with S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., have to act within the law and this Ethical Code.


Professional diligence

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. offers high quality goods and services. Professionalism and diligence of employees, contractors and suppliers are essential for the development of business opportunities. All those who work for the benefit of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. has to operate with responsibility, accuracy and reliability, in accordance with customers' needs, constraints of time and cost of business deals.


Accuracy, integrity and honesty

The subjects of this Ethical Code must have a rigorous, fair and honest behaviour. An unfair and dishonest conduct cannot be tolerated or justified.



S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. safeguards the personal data protection of its stakeholders. These data will be used only for purposes permitted by law. The subjects of this Code have to maintain discretion and not to spread (commercial, economical, financial) information related to S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. They have to ask to all with whom they have relationships to maintain discretion and non-disclosure information in their possession.



Clear, easily understandable and verifiable data are signs of correctness, accuracy and compliance with laws and rules by all those who interact with S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.

Therefore, the accounting operations, supply contracts and all other assets of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. must be conducted in accordance with the fundamental principle of clearness.


Internal communication

The communication within the company is an important step to guide all people to the expected result and to sharing information, according to specific company rules.


Focus on services quality

Among its primary values, S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. raises the quality of goods and services to its customers, and try to achieve it with the highest professional business.

To ensure customer satisfaction, S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.undertakes to maintain a Quality Management System, suitable to handle continuously:

  • maintenance of a quality system certified, according to UNI EN ISO 9001;
  • continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services offered;
  • involvement of suppliers in the quality promotion;
  • customer satisfaction control.


Conflict of interest’s prevention

As part of the fiduciary relationship intervening with the Company, the primary duty of the employee/co-worker is to use the resources of the company and their working skills to achieve the company interest, in accordance with the principles of this Ethical Code.

In this perspective, the employee must avoid any conflict of interest between their personal economic and/or family activities and the job within the Company, refraining from any action that could cause a personal interest in those of the Company.


Respect of the person

Every interpersonal relationship, both between colleagues and towards external stakeholders (customers/suppliers, etc.) has to base on mutual respect. Fairness and courtesy, but above all respect for the dignity make possible to create a relaxed and peaceful working atmosphere. It is forbidden to use all forms of violence against colleagues or third parties during the job, which may affect individual morality, dignity or integrity.


Environmental conservation

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. is aware of their activities effects on economic and social community development. Therefore, the company plans its activities to achieve a balance between economic initiatives and mandatory environmental requirements, not only in compliance with the current laws, but also in view of the rights of future generations. For these reasons, activities and materials must take into account the respect for the land, pollution prevention, environmental and landscape protection.


Administrative and accounting management rules

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. respect the laws and, in particular, regulations for the financial statements preparation and all kinds of administrative and accounting required documents.

Accounting records must be kept accurately, completely and timely, in accordance with accounting company procedures, in order to achieve a true representation of the financial position and business management.

For each accounting entry, which reflects a corporate transaction, an adequate support documentation must be conserved. This documentation must identify the reason for the operation and the related authorization.

Supporting documentation must be readily available and stored according to appropriate criteria that allow easy reference by both internal and external authorities.


Staff relationships management

The company's human resources have a strategic importance, because they represent an essential aspect for the success of company mission.

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. pays attention to policies and behaviour toward staff, who is considered the greatest asset to the company. The contribution of everyone, with its own experience, professional skills and availability, is fundamental to the achievement of objectives.

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. is therefore committed to spreading, within their own organization, competence and experience valorisation through the creation of training programs and professional development, aimed at growth and expansion of individual ability or aptitude.


The value of training

To ensure the continuous improvement of skills, S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. plans periodic training courses, seminars and training inside or outside, in accordance with the principle of professional development and to achieve levels of excellence in the field of technical and specialized skills.


Equal opportunities

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying activities towards its employees and partners because of age, sex, nationality, social class, sexual orientation, disability, political and/or religious beliefs, seniority, but adopts the principle of equal opportunities both in the selection and evaluation of staff, and in professional development and salary.

All employees at every level of the hierarchy have to adopt this standard of behaviour towards both colleagues, and external stakeholders.


Health, safety and working environment

Sometimes the working activities can be dangerous.

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. takes care to provide safe working conditions and safe locations, in compliance with the current regulations. The company promotes and strengthens safety culture, developing risk awareness and the current legislation knowledge, in the field of prevention and protection, promoting and demanding responsible behaviour by all employees and partners and working to preserve and improve, especially through prevention, working conditions, health and safety of workers. The activities of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. must be conducted in full compliance with current laws on prevention and protection, with particular reference to the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and the specific regulations of this branch, pursuing the improvement of working health and safety.


Use of Company resources - Protection of information technology

In order to maintain a healthy, safe, comfortable and functional working environment, each one have to use properly tools and business devices, following precise rules (phones, car, PC portable, internet, intranet...).

The use of company resources (such as places, instruments, devices) is not permitted for any kind of personal interest.

The subjects have to comply with S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. procedures related to computer security and will use corporate devices such as personal computers, telephones and other communication tools in accordance with such procedures, and avoid any behaviour that could compromise the functionality and security of the company computer system.

It is not permitted to alter the company computer system operation, data and information contained into it, or the operation of programs and files, for any purpose it is processed.


Openness in business relationship management

Openness is one of the key principles underlying the behaviour of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. This principle is fundamental also in the establishment of a business relationship, based on the regularity and clarity, with employees and associates.


Fair trade rules

All those who, on behalf of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., have commercial relations at various levels with other parties, whether they are private or belonging to the Public Administration, must behave correctly, honestly and clearly.

The contracts wording must be clear and easy to read, contract terms must be clearly defined and shared.

Each activity must be conducted in full compliance with contract terms and with the utmost professional care. The focus on the quality of service offered to customers must be part of standard behaviour rules for every employee or contractor who has market relations.

All those who have commercial relationships with third parties must avoid any kind of favouritism, should ensure impartiality and must comply with ethical and fair behaviour. Everyone have to avoid situations that lead to unlawful conduct of corruption, undue pressures from third parties, in order to take advantage in own favour or in favour of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.


Public Administration relationship management

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., in relations with public authorities, public officials or public service, bases on the law observance by avoiding behaviours that could compromise the integrity and reputation of the company. It is forbidden to undue pressure or stress official acts or practices advancement/contracts, through acts of corruption, favouritism or other forms of privilege.


Rules of conduct with customers and suppliers

Here below there are principles and rules, governing relations with third parties that are variously related with S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.


Customers care

Experience and know-how are the distinguishing features of a philosophy that wants to give value to building strong working relationships with customers, whose satisfaction is the reason for the success of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.

Services, professional skills and growing ability, in step with innovation in terms of technology and organization, allow us to provide our customers a high technological offer.

The high quality of the products and the way of behaving towards the customers are the elements that characterize the image of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. in the market.

A homogeneity of behaviour, based on the principles set out in this Ethical Code, is essential for the consolidation of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. good reputation, which must always ensure fairness and honesty.


Suppliers’ relationship management

Suppliers are very important for S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., as they are essential in the preparation or delivery of the service offered. The relationship with them must bases not only on cooperation and mutual respect, but also on sharing ethical principles contained in this Code, as well as the terms of the contract.

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. guarantees noticeable contracts and equal collaboration opportunities for all suppliers who engage relations functional to business of both parties.

The selection of suppliers and the purchase of goods and services are carried out by specific business functions, based on objective evaluations of competence, competitiveness, quality, accuracy, respectability, reputation and price.

Sales activities base on the search of the maximum value in order to conduct a mutual and an indispensable loyalty, fairness and collaboration. Providers S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. must ensure its employees working conditions based on respect for human rights, international conventions, laws, regulations, also for the protection of child labour and workers’ health and safety.

However, if the supplier, carrying out his activities for S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., adopt behaviours not in line with the general principles of this Ethical Code, the company itself is authorized to act appropriately in order to preclude any further collaboration.


Consultants and partners relationship management

Without prejudice to general principles regarding the relationship with suppliers, directors and employees of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l., in its relations with consultants, business brokers, agents, and other employees, have to:

  • Consider carefully whether to use the services of this people and select counterparties with appropriate professional qualifications, integrity and reputation;
  • establish efficient, clear and collaborative relations, maintaining an open and frank dialogue to obtain cooperation, constantly ensuring the best combination of quality performance and cost;
  • require the application of the contractual conditions and require to comply with the principles of this Ethical Code, including a special provision in the contracts;
  • operate under existing rules, requiring strict compliance.


Customer satisfaction

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. is always careful to quality of products and services, so it shoots for their continuous improvement, through the analysis of reports received from its customers during the periodic surveys of customer satisfaction. These surveys are in fact designed to measure level of customer satisfaction and to identify possible areas for future development of additional or complementary offer.


Ethical Code application

S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. Administration approves the Ethical Code, which becomes law from the approving date. In order to obtain binding power, Ethical Code:

  • is made known in S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.
  • outsourced by publication on S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. website.

S.A.M.A. ITALIA S.r.l. board of directors checks and updates this Ethical Code.



The behaviour that do not comply with this Ethical Code will lead to penalties, as provided by current laws, in addition to any criminal proceedings against the infringer.


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