Dodecahendralsound source
  • Dodecahendralsound source
  • Dodecahendralsound source
  • Dodecahendralsound source
  • Dodecahendralsound source

Dodecahendralsound source

Dodecahendralsound source - HD2050 

For testing acoustic insulation of buildings is necessary to use sound sources that meet requests of specifics ISO technical norms.

Delta Ohm has developed a system for measuring passive acoustic requirements wich integrates most advanced characteristics required for this kind of equipment. Theneed for high levelsofnoise emission, necessary to cope with ever increasing values ​​of insulation in modern buildings, was made to coexist with portability and versatility of the best on today market. HD2050 is a sound source composed of 12 speakers placed on a dodecahedral chassis able to irradiate high power sound energy in all directions with a directionality conforms to ISO 3382.

The sound source can be integrated with digital amplifier HD 2050.20, wich in addition of providing high power, provides an equalizer able to adapt the system response to all the requirements of measure.

Characteristics :

  • Custom setup settings with user equalization curves;
  • HighSound Power: With a sound power over 120dB (LIN) re 1pW, HD2050 allow measure on high insulation walls where the signal/noise ratio in the receiving environment becomes critical.

The linear frequency range in 1/3 oct from 80 Hz to 10 kHz make possible to meet the demands of technical standards for the measurement of passive acoustic requirements of buildings. In addition, the extension of the spectrum over the canon range 100 Hz ÷ 3150 Hz allow to effectively use the system HD 2050 also for architectural acoustics measures. The optional subwoofer HD2050.40 extend response and power on low frequency to cover specific applications in large areas;

Versatility of use thanks to digital amplifications:

The equalizer integrated on amplification system allow to modify the spectrum emission. In this way particular measurement needs can be easily satisfied, as for example the need to concentrate greater acoustic power in certain areas of the frequency spectrum.

The equalizing software allow to personalize and save the emission curve to upload and activate it later on the amplifier system.

Lightweight and portability : With a weight of only 9 kg and an outer diameter of 385 mm , HD2050 is one of the lightest dodecahedron on market. The digital amplifier HD2050.20 provide power over 1000W on 12 ohm and is supplied with a sturdy and light flight case. HD2050 is designed for portability on construction site. The dodecahedron has a T carrying handle ergonomic and sturdy.


  • Acoustic insulation;
  • Acoustic absorption;
  • Reverberation time;
  • Architectural acoustics;
  • Impulse response.

According to : ISO 140-3, ISO3382 , d.p.c.m. 5 /12/97, UNI 11367;

Reference Standards

ISO 140-3: 2006

ISO 3382: 2001

Nominal impedance

12 + 12 ohm


Peak 540 + 540 W

Nom. 180 + 180 W


12 x 5”

Frequency range

80 Hz ÷ 16 kHz (bande 1/3 ottava)


Neutrik® NL4FC speakON

Sound power

Over 120 dB re 1pW (10-12 W)


Diameter 385 mm


9 kg


T handle


Note: Neutrik® is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG.


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