Sound source for front insulation
  • Sound source for front insulation
  • Sound source for front insulation
  • Sound source for front insulation

Sound source for front insulation

Sound source for front insulation - HD2050.30 

The passive front speaker HD2050.30 is the ideal instrument to generate a uniform sound field on the front of a building. HD2050.30 offers high emission power in a frequency range extended from 70Hz to 20Khz necessary to overhang the possiblebackground noise and an acoustic distribution uniformed at high frequency, guaranteed by the particular attention of the driver to high frequency. Thanks to this solution are considerably reduced phenomena of concentration, especially on high range, due to the direction of normal transducers when they’re used close to a wall, accuracy of instrument is improved.


High sound power: An spl of 129 dB allow to HD2050.30 speaker to make measures on high insulating facades even with background noise;

Versatility: HD2050.30 can be placed easily on every typical situations of facades testing. Is available a specific support for 45° placement both on the ground and on the stand, gaining with last precious meters on distance from façade.

The weight of 13.5 Kg represent the right compromise between performanceinpowerand portability; Gooddiffusion ofhigh-frequencyacoustic field; Remote control withdigital amplifier HD2050.20.

Applications Acoustic insulation of facades; Acoustic absorption.

RMS Power

300 W

Nominal Impedance

8 ohm


Low frequency1 x 10” (neodymiummagnet)

High frequency1 x 1” (Mylar®)


129 db spl peak @ 1 m

Frequency range

70 Hz ÷ 20 khz


2x Neutrik® NL4 speakon


305 x 490 x 330 cm


13,5 kg


Protective bagwith shoulder strapsand handle


Geal-coat scratchproof


Can be combined withdigital amplifierHD 2050.20


Adjustable to 45 ° with mounting hole on tripod standardHD 2050.1

Note: Mylar® is a registered trademark of Dupont Teijin Films. Neutrik ® is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG.


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