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Digital Amplifier

Digital Amplifier - HD 2050.20 

Digital amplifier HD2050.20 is an high power digital amplifier and includes a white and pink noise generator with remote control. Thanks to the auxiliary input is possible to drive it with an external generator to apply signals as sine sweep.

In order not to influence the levels measured, a controller can turn off automatically the cooling fan when performing measures in quiet environments or when measuring reverberation times with source interrupted; in this case the fan is turned off automatically when the power generator emission is interrupted.

With Podware software of the parametric equalizer is possible, also in real time, to activate functions like: mute, gain, 8 bands parametric equalizer plus 2 shelving filters and 2 filters HP and LP, delay.

According to : IEC60651

Created setup can be saved on HD2050.20 amplifier.

Conforms to

EN 55103-1 (Emissions), EN 55103-2 (Immunity) EN 6065, class 1 (Safety)


Digital, class D

Maximum power

1200 W @ 12 ohm

Continuous power

2 x 530 W RMS

External generator input

With level control

Power supply

230 Vac (±10%), 50-60 Hz

Frequency Response

20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz


< 0.1% @ 1 kHz

Noise generator

White/Pink with level control

Output: Neutrik® XLR


Input: Neutrik® Combo

Output: Neutrik® NL4FC speakON

AC Power: Neutrik® powerCON

RMSlevel limiter

Control of the maximum power tolerated by the speaker HD 2050

Status Indicators

Mute, Active, Power ON


Short circuit, thermal, ultrasonic e RF, clip limiter, DC Fault PS shutdown

Dimensions flight-case included

300 x 525 x 200 mm


11.8 kg  flight-case included

Note: Neutrik® is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG


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