What are portable measuring instruments for non-destructive testing control?

What are portable measuring instruments for non-destructive testing control?

Fabiana Fanti
11 April 2019

NDT control is becoming more and more important, 
that is why it requires not only accurate measuring instruments,
but also easily transportable in order to facilitate user’s measurements.

Every day, SamaTools supports people working in the field of NDT controls, 
by providing tools suitable for every specific need.

For your measurements, we can guarantee support both during purchase
and after-sales service.

Here below you can find some of the products we can supply,
by clicking on the name you can view the technical data sheets and pictures:


  Bench hardness tester

  Building Inspection

  Cables and Software

  Cap torque testers

  Coating hardness testers

  Coating thickness gauge


  Concrete hammer testers

  Cross Hatch Adhesion tester

  Digital Microscopes

  Digital Refractometers


  EMF Detector

  Fineness of grind gauges

  Fruit hardness tester

  Gas Detectors


  Grain moisture meters

  Hygrometers for Environments

  Infrared thermometers

  Leeb Hardness Tester


  Magnetic detectors

  Micro Vickers

  Moisture meters

  Optical refractometers

  Penetrant and magnetic liquid

  PH Meters

  Porosity Detectors - Holiday Detectors

  Profile Projector



  Shore hardness tester

  Sound Level Meters

  Spring testers




  Tools presetting systems

  Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

  Ultrasonic Hardness Testers

  Ultrasonic thickness gauges


  Video inspection

  Viscometers/viscosity cups

  Wet film thickness gauges

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