Wet film thickness gauges

Wet film thickness gauges - these simple measuring instruments provide a useful aid to control the depth of a coating of paint, enamel, lacquer, adhesive or other materials that have been applied on a smooth surface.

Wet film thickness gauges proposed by SAMA Tools can be comb-shaped or rolling wheel.

Wet film thickness gauges made of comb-shaped design are made of stainless steel resistant to corrosion and have graduated teeth, which are resting perpendicularly to the plane to allow them coming in contact with wet film. The last tooth getting soaked in fresh paint indicates the thickness wet.

Rolling wheel wet film thickness gauges have long been the standard for measuring wet film thickness in coating industry. The body of the gauge is made of high-grade stainless steel, while the centre holder is made of lightweight aluminium. The gauge consists in an eccentric inner wheel, supported by two large outer concentric wheels. At a specific point, the inner wheel touches and picks up wet film when the gauge is rolled on the coated surface. The critical clearance can be read on a rotating scale.

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