What are the measuring instruments employed in mechanical field?

What are the measuring instruments employed in mechanical field?

24 October 2017

Samatools has always dedicated particular attention to measuring tools.

SamaTools selects and produces for you a wide range of measuring instruments, both single and in kit solution, such as: Calipers, Micrometers, dial gauge, reference Blocks, etc. and a complete series of portable digital measuring instruments such as: Roughness Testers, Wet Film Thickness Gauges, Thickness Gauges and much more.

For your measurements, we can guarantee support both during purchase and after-sales service.


Here below you can find some of the products we can supply, by clicking on the name you can view the technical data sheets and pictures:


1.     Magnetic base for dial gauge

2.     Bevel protractor

3.     Circumference tape

4.     Depth micrometers

5.     Dial bore gauges

6.     Dial calipers

7.     Dial Gauge for inside measurements

8.     Dial gauges 0,001 mm

9.     Dial gauges reading 0,01 mm

10.                       Digital calipers

11.                       Digital depth calipers

12.                       Digital dial gauge

13.                       Eccentricity bench tester

14.                       Gauge block set

15.                       Height gauge

16.                       Inside micrometers

17.                       Lever dial test indicator

18.                       Measuring tapes

19.                       Outside digital micrometers

20.                       Outside micrometers

21.                       Parallel - Vee block - Straight edges

22.                       Pin gauge

23.                       Rules - Straight edges rules

24.                       Screw thread micrometer

25.                       Scribing calipers

26.                       Smooth and threaded pads and rings

27.                       Spirit level

28.                       Squares for checkings

29.                       Stands

30.                       Thickness Gauges

31.                       Three points inside micrometers

32.                       Vernier calipers

33.                       Welding seam caliper

34.                       Zero setters



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