Parallel - Vee block - Straight edges

Vee blocks are designed for marking, regulation and control of cylindrical parts.

Parallel vee blocks can be realized in non-deformable hardened steel, with or without clamps for work pieces installation. On the other hand, prisms can be inclined, at 90°, at right angle, 90 ° V and magnetic, with a tolerance up to 1/100 and clamps for work piece installation. The most suitable materials of realization is non-deformable hardened steel, granite and cast iron, as they can provide rectified surfaces and edges and very wear resistance.

Every linear measurement depends on the accuracy of the reference surface from which the measure is taken. A surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference surface for precision inspection, marking, and tools configuration. Granite surface plates give the chance to obtain extremely accurate tolerances; these tools present many advantages, such as absolute resistance to corrosion, non-magnetism and non-conductivity, and minimal wear over time. Granite surface plate by SAMA Tools represents an important reference point for controlling and marking before mechanical process.

The high flatness degree and material quality make it the perfect support to install sophisticated mechanical, electronic and optical devices. This special granite contains 20% of quartz, which grants durability and great performances.

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