Digital calipers

Digital caliper is a precision measuring instrument employed to determine length, mainly used in mechanical engineering and construction. This type of caliper is composed by a digital electronic indicator mounted on the Vernier that detects the movement, while the body is normally engraved with a millimetre scale.

Displays are usually made with a resolution of 0,01mm. Digital caliper has generally a centesimal reading, but there are also pent-thousandth calipers where reading is displayed to five thousandths of a millimetre.

Electronics evolution has allowed the realization of miniaturized indicators with a very low consumption, so a common button battery can easily feed them.

All digital calipers by Sama Tools have large displays in order to facilitate the reading of the results. Made with the best steel, they guarantee perfect efficiency for many years in all operating conditions.

Before the delivery, each caliper undergoes accurate tests to guarantee a fully functioning product.

SamaTools, a choice of quality!

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