Xenon test chamber (With spray function)

Xenon test chamber (With spray function)

Xenon test chamber (With spray function) - SAXT866

Sunlight, temperature, humidity, dew and bad weather cause a lot of damage such as cracking, glazing and discolouration of the materials. This damage can occur both indoors (the light that filters through the windows) and outdoors. The Xenon accelerated aging chamber simulates in days or weeks this damage which, in real conditions, would occur in months or years. The xenon lamp, having a longer wavelength range, simulates the full spectrum of sunlight (UV, visible light and infrared).

SAXT866 is a easy-to-use xenon test chamber.  It uses an air-cooled Xenon lamp that, thanks to catoptrical system, guarantees a homogeneous distribution of irradiance for each exposed sample.

It is equipped with daylight UV filter to simulate direct midday summer sunlight.

With spray function the operator can set spray time and spray interval time.
Operator can set all required test parameters (irradiance, test time, BPT, spray time) on touch screen and can check the running status at any time.

Modello / Model



ISO 11341 ; ISO 12040 ; ISO 4892-1 ; ISO 4892-2 ; ASTM G 151 ; ASTM G 155
ASTM D 3451 ; ASTM D 3794 ; ASTM D 4303 ; ASTM D 6577

Lampada Xenon

Xenon lamp

1,8 KW x 1pc (life about 1.500 hours)



Daylight -  (Optional: extended UV, window glass)

Area di esposizione campioni

Test panel exposure area

1.000 cm2 (9 pcs samples of 150×70 mm)

Regolazione dell’irradiamento

Adjustable irradiance range

0,3 ~ 0,8 W/m2 (340nm)
0,5 ~ 1,5 W/m2 (420nm)
       30 W/m2 ~ 100 W/m2 (300 ~ 400nm)

Spettro dell’irradiamento

Controlling irradiance point

340nm, 420nm (Narrow band)
300nm ~ 400nm (Broad band)
(show at the same time)

Regolazione temperatura del pannello nero

Adjustment of black board temperature

RT +20 ~ +90 °C
(Depends on environment temperature and the irradiance setting)

Tempo di test
Test time
1 ~ 99.999 h
Tempo di spruzzo
Spray time
1 ~ 99.999 min

Intervallo di spruzzo
Spray interval

1 ~ 99.999 min

Alimentazione / Power supply

220 V

Potenza / Power

2.5 KW

Dimensioni (LxPxA)

Size (LxWxH)

1000 x 650 x 1020 mm

Peso / Weight

135 Kg


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