UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber SAUV856

UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber SAUV856

UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber - SAUV856


SAUV856 adopts UV fluorescence lamps to simulate sunlight effect. Its inner temperature and humidity can be properly controlled to obtain a continuing condensation on the sample for fully evaluating the damage caused by sunlight, humidity and temperature (effects caused by aging of the material may be fading, intensity reduction, cracking, flaking, chalking and oxidation).

The UV light accelerated aging test chamber simulates in days or weeks the damage which, in real conditions, would occur in months or years.

UV light can emulate the effect of sunshine, while condensation and water spray system can emulate the effects of rain and dew. 

It is possible to choose UVA or UVB lamps.

UVA lamps provide a true simulation of sunlight in the short-wave range and are the most used to test the effects of sun damage. While UVB lamps, having an even shorter wavelength, simulate a much more severe and less realistic environment and are suitable for testing very durable materials, usually exposed to intense sunlight and for a long period of time.

A typical test cycle generally carries out under strong irradiation of UV light or in a dark and wet condensation period with 100% relative humidity. 

These tests are generally employed in some specific fields, such as paint and coatings, automotive industry, plastic, wood, etc.

Modello / Model



ISO 16474-3 ; ISO 4892-1 ; ISO 4892-3 ; ASTM D 4799 ; ASTM D 4587 ; ASTM D 4329

ASTM G 151 ; ASTM G 154

Lampade UV

UV lamps


40W x 8 pcs (life about 6.000 hours)

Lunghezza d’onda


340 nm (UVA Lamps) or 313 nm (UVB Lamps) *

Campo di misura dell’irradiazione

Irradiance range

0.1 W/m2 ~ 1.55 W/m2

Regolazione temperatura del pannello nero

Adjustment of black board temperature

+10 ~ +80°C

Area di esposizione campioni

Test panel exposure area

5.175 cm2

Consumo d’acqua

Water consumption

7Lt/day (condensation)

4Lt/minute (spray)

Capacità della camera

Chamber capacity

48 pcs  (75x150 mm)

Alimentazione / Power supply

220 V

Potenza / Power


Dimensioni (LxPxA)

Size (LxWxH)

1360 x 520 x 1310 mm

Peso / Weight

160 Kg


* Specificare prima dell’ ordine / Must be specified before the order.


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