UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber - SAUV852

SAUV852 bench UV light accelerated aging chamber is equipped with 3 pcs UV lamps as light sources. Operator can set the total illumination time, temperature and spray time to simulate how exposure to the natural environment can generate various kinds of damage to the samples. This chamber can isolate 18 pcs standard panels (150×70mm). Samples are placed on a rotating drum inside which the lamps are located. During the test, the sample rack rotate uniformly, ensuring every sample get the same irradiance energy and increasing comparability and repeatability of testing results.

Many materials, if subjected to excessive exposure to UV rays, deteriorate their resistance to atmospheric agents. UV lamps are employed to simulate a narrow range of wavelengths of the solar spectrum. According to different testing requirements, operator can choose different wavelength UV lamps. This is because each type UV lamps produce different irradiance energy and wavelength.

It is possible to choose UVA or UVB lamps.

UVA lamps provide a true simulation of sunlight in the short-wave range and are the most used to test the effects of sun damage. While UVB lamps, having an even shorter wavelength, simulate a much more severe and less realistic environment and are suitable for testing very durable materials, usually exposed to intense sunlight and for a long period of time.

Modello / Model


Lampade UV

UV lamps


20W x 3 pcs (life about 1.000 hours)

Lunghezza d’onda


340 nm (UVA Lamps) or 313 nm (UVB Lamps) *

Campo di misura della temperatura

Temperature range

 RT+ 5 up to +60 °C

Tempo di test

Test time

1 ~ 9.999 h

Consumo d’acqua

Water consumption

3 Lt/min

Tempo di spruzzo

Spray time

1 ~ 9.999 min

Intervallo di spruzzo

Spray interval

1 ~ 9.999 min

Capacità della camera

Chamber capacity

18 pcs  (70x150 mm)

Alimentazione / Power supply

220 V

Potenza / Power


Dimensioni (LxPxA)

Size (LxWxH)

930 x 460 x 630 mm

Peso / Weight

72 Kg

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