Pro Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Pro Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Pro Ultrasonic flaw detector

Pro Ultrasonic flaw detector

Pro Ultrasonic flaw detector - SAFD660

Highly specialized device used to inspect pipelines, rail tracks and industry related metallic works in order to highlight possible flaws like discontinuities, non-metallic inclusions, cracks or various defects due to wearing or production process.

Ultrasonic flaw detectors represent the most advanced edge for maintenance and quality control.


Funzioni / Features


Modalità rilevazione / Test Modes

Straight, Angle, Dual and Thru-transmission

Calibrazione automatica / Auto-calibration

Automated calibration of transducer zero offset and/or material velocity

Localizzazione difetto / Flaw locating

Live display Sound-path, Projection (surface distance), Depth, Amplitude

Dimensionamento difetto / Flaw sizing

Automatic flaw sizing using AVG/AVG or DAC, speeds reporting of defect acceptance or rejection.


AWS (American Welding Society) standards


Correzione superfici curve

Curved surface correction

Used to measure the surface distance and depth of defect on a curved surface

Misurazione dell’altezza della cricca

Crack height measuring

Measure and display the height of a crack found inside the workpiece

Analisi saldatura / Weld figure feature

Weld Figure feature can be enabled when detecting the weld parts using angle transducer

Ingrandimento del gate / Magnify gate

Spreading of the gate range over the entire screen width

Videoregistrazione / Video recording

More than 100 hours

Guadagno automatico / Auto-gain

Peak Hold

Compare frozen peak waveform to live A-Scans to easily interpret test results

Fermo immagine A Scan / A Scan freeze

Display freeze holds waveform and sound path data

Colori Echo codificati / Coded Echo color

Locate the flaw position


Display a graphical cross-section of the workpiece

Lettura gate / Gate reading

Optional for single gate and double gate reading mode, both peak and edge can trigger it



Modello / Model



EN 12668-1 ; ASTM E 317

Campo di misura / Measuring range

0 ~ 9.999 mm ( ref. steel )

Velocità del suono / Material velocity

100 ~ 20.000 m/s

Ritardo display / Display delay

-20 ~ 3.400 µs

Compensazione ritardo/zero sonda

Probe delay/zero offset

0 ~ 99,99 µs

Campo dinamico / Dynamic range

≥ 36 dB

Deviazione lineare / System linearity

Horizontal ≤ 0,1% FSW ; Vertical ≤ 0,2% FSH ; Amplifier Accuracy ± 1 dB

Risoluzione / Resolution

> 40 dB

Sensibilità / Sensitivity leavings

62 dB ( flat-bottomed deep hole 200 mm Ф2 )

Scarto / Rejection

0 ~ 80% full screen height

Livello rumore / Noise level

≤ 8%

Pulsazioni / Pulse energy

200 V, 300 V, 400 V, 500 V selectable, suitable for various probe

Ampiezza pulsazioni / Pulse width

30 ~ 510 ns range with continuous adjustment to match the different frequency probes

Frequenza pulsazioni

Pulse repetition frequency range

10 ~ 1.000 Hz

Smorzamento / Probe damping

200 ~ 500 Ω selectable to meet different requirements for resolution and sensitivity

Campionamento / Sampling

10 digits AD Converter at the sampling speed of 400 MHz

Raddrizzamento / Rectification

Positive half wave, Negative half wave, Full wave, RF

Larghezza banda / Bandwidth

0,2 ~ 20MHz automatic matching according to the probe frequency

Guadagno / Gain

0 ~ 110 dB adjustable in selectable steps 0,1 / 1 / 2 / 6 dB


Wave-getting Gate, Wave-losing Gate, Single Gate Reading, Dual Gate

Monitoraggio gate / Gate monitors

Two independent gates controllable over entire sweep range

Calibrazione automatica / Auto-calibration

Automated calibration of transducer zero offset and/or material velocity

Unità di misura /  Measuring units

Inch or millimeter

Allarme / Alarm

Beep alarm and LED light Alarm

Connettori trasduttore / Transducer Connections


Tipologia sonde / Probes type

Straight beam probe, angle beam probe, dual element probe, through-transmit probe

Uscita dati / Data output

Memoria / Memory

100 channel files to store calibration set-ups

20.000 wave files to store A-Scan patterns and instrument settings

Alimentazione / Power supply

Rechargeable battery

Dimensioni / Dimensions

280 x 220 x 70 mm

Peso / Weight

1,5 Kg

Dotazione Standard / Standard Supply:
Unità centrale / Main unit
Sonda dritta (4MHz, Ø10) / Straight beam probe (4 MHz, Ø10)
Sonda angolata (4 MHz, 8×9 mm, 60°) / Angle beam probe (4 MHz, 8×9 mm, 60°)
Cavo sonda / Probe cable
Cavo e software / Cable and software
Valigetta / Carrying case
Manuale d’uso / User’s manual

Accessori Opzionali / Optional Accessories:
Sonde opzionali / Optional probes
Custodia protettiva per unità principale / Protective cover for main unit
Cavi sonda / Probe cables
Blocchi di calibrazione / Calibration blocks
Gel 50ml-260ml-1lt-5lt / 50ml-260ml-1lt-5lt couplant gel
Certificato di taratura / Calibration report

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