High Temperature, Multifunction digital rotary viscometers

High Temperature, Multifunction digital rotary viscometers

High Temperature, Multifunction digital rotary viscometers - SAVISC155/T

Digital Rotary Viscometers are instruments for testing fluid viscosity and resistance. This gauges have constantly control rotate speed system, and are widely applied in the field of petrol chemistry, medicine, food, industry, laboratory, scientific research, and others.


The display shows directly the viscosity, rotating speed, rotor number and the maximum measured viscosity for the selected rotor for the current rotating speed.


The combination of the different selected speeds (adjustable variable speed) and the spindles set provide operating flexibility, complying with numerous requirements of product analysis and industrial quality control standards.







ISO 2555 ; ASTM D 1084-B ; ASTM D 2196 ;  AS/NZS 1580.214.5

Campo di misura

Measuring range

50 ~ 10M mPa·s (cP)

[medium viscosity]


5 ~ 1M mPa·s (cP)

[low viscosity]

Precisione / Accuracy

± 1,0% of range



± 0,5% 

Velocità rotazionale

Rotate speed

0,1 ~ 200 r/min

stepless speed

Rotori / Rotors

21, 27, 28, 29 (4 pcs)


Heating device

Sonda di temperatura

Temperature probe

Campo temperatura

Temperature range

+10 ~ +250 °C

Precisione temperatura

Temperature accuracy

0,1 °C

Uscita dati

Data output


Power supply

220 Vac



400 x 360 x 380 mm

Peso / Weight

10 Kg

Dotazione Standard / Standard Supply:
Unità centrale / Main unit
Rotori (4pz) / Rotors (4pcs)
Manuale d’uso / User’s manual

Accessori Opzionali / Optional Accessories:
Software di analisi / PC Advanced analysis software
Stampante / Printer
Rotore basse viscosità (rotore n.0) / Low viscosity adapter (no.0 rotor)
Rotore piccole quantità campione (rotori n.21/27/28/29 inclusi)* / Small sample adapter (no.21/27/28/29 rotors included)*
Sonda di temperatura  (-20 ~ 120°C) / Temperature probe (-20 ~ 120 °C)
Olio campione / Standard oil
Certificato di taratura / Calibration report


(*) Specificare prima dell’ordine / Must be specified before the order.
     Campo di misura con rotore per piccole quantità campione / Measuring range with small sample adapter:
       SAVISC155-1 :  10 ~ 100.000 mPa·s (cP)
       SAVISC155-2 :  10 ~ 1.000.000 mPa·s (cP)
       SAVISC155-3 :  50 ~ 10.000.000 mPa·s (cP)

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