Analog shore hardness testers

Analog shore hardness testers

Analog shore hardness testers - SA6410

To measure hardness of a material the ideal instrument is the hardness tester. The durometer must be pressed on the material to analyze by entering the sensor (it will leave a small mark called “Deposal”) at this point will be possible to read on the quadrant the hardness value detected in the material, nothing simpler,immediateand functional.

Hardness tester always leave a mark, so it must be used in area where the deposal doesn’t bother or on appropriate sample of the same test material.



Small size, high quality materials make this instrument ideal for laboratory and field use.

The hardness tester is a measurement instrument used to measure materials hardness. Each type of hardness tester refers to a specific scale of values, for this instrument is the “Shore scale” (A,E,D) and it’s values range is 0-100H.

Shore A: Used to measure the hardness for softer materials such as rubber, elastomers, and other rubbery materials like neoprene, silicone and vinyl. It can also be used for soft plastic, felt, leather and similar materials..

Shore D: Used to measure harder material compared to the A scale such as plastics, formica, epoxides and plexiglass.

Modello / Model




ISO 868 ; ISO 48-4 ; ISO 48-7; ASTM D 2240 

Tipo di scala

Scales type



Applicazioni indicative

Indicative applications

Neoprene, common rubber, soft pvc, elastomers, leather, etc.

Formica, plexiglass,hard plastic, plastic fibers, polyethylene etc.

Campo di misura a display

Display range

0 ~ 100 HS

Precisione / Accuracy

± 1 HS

Risoluzione / Resolution

1 HS

Peak hold

Dimensioni / Dimensions

115 x 60 x 25 mm

Peso / Weight

0,5 Kg

Dotazione Standard / Standard Supply:
Unità centrale / Main unit
Provino di durezza metallico / Metallic test block
Valigetta / Carrying case
Manuale d’uso / User’s manual

Accessori Opzionali / Optional Accessories:
Provini di durezza shore A / D / Shore test blocks A / D
Stativo shore A / D / Test stand A / D
Certificato di taratura / Calibration report

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