Micron Dial gauges

Dial gauge is an instrument for measuring length, which compares the known dimensions of a reference sample with those unknowns of a sample to be calibrated or of a generic piece.

This class of dial gauges is very extensive and widely used in workshops, because it allows measuring the difference between the dimensions of the work piece and those of the sample by detecting and amplifying the displacement of a probe approached firstly to the sample, then to the work piece.

The probe is a mobile tip whose movements are amplified by a gear system as in dial gauge 0,01mm, that appreciates displacements of 0.01 mm, or by a system of levers as in dial gauge 0,001mm that appreciates displacements of 0.001 mm; the mechanical amplification causes the rotation of an index on a graduated scale.

Dial gauges 0,001mm by SAMA Tools are high precision instruments, equipped with an easy-to-read clock face. The clock is protected by transparent glass with rotating bezel and hardened rack rod with threaded ferrule and top button lifting rod.

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