Digital 3-axis Vibrometer

Digital 3-axis Vibrometer

SA6380 – Digital Vibration Meter 3-axial of small dimensions, is equipped with a wide LCD for direct visualization of measure and infos.

Characteristics :

  • High quality accelerometer;
  • Monitoring function for bearing status;
  • Large measuring range (10Hz - 10kHz) in acceleration mode;
  • Digital display foraccurate results reading;
  • Automatic power off;
  • Headphone outputs;
  • Optional headphones for electronic stethoscope use;
  • USB interface (software optional)

Technical specifications :

  • Display:LCD;
  • Transducer:Piezoelectric
  • Accelerometer Measurements: speed, acceleration, displacement
  • Speed​​: 0.01 to 40.00cm/s
  • Acceleration:0.1 to 400.0m/s2 equivalentpeak
  • Displacement:0.001 to 4.000mm
  • Acceleration: 10Hz-1kHz mode "1" or 10Hz-10kHz-mode "10"
  • Speed​​: 10Hz-1Khz;
  • Displacement:10Hz-1kHz;
  • Accuracy: ±5% n +2 digits;
  • Decimal/Inch conversion;
  • PC interface: USB;
  • Power supply: AA 2x1.5V;
  • Shutdown: Manualand Automatic;
  • Condition of use: Temperature: 0-50 °C; Humidity: <90% RH;
  • Dimensions: 130x70x300mm;
  • Weight: about 305 without batteries.

Which parameters can be measured? Acceleration ,speed and displacement are the three measurable parameters which guarantee accurate and repeatable measurement.

Acceleration: measured in m/s², has excellent measurement capacities to verify faults on bearings and gears;

Velocity: the parametermostused to measure vibrations, used for verification according to ISO 2372, BS 4675 or VDI 2056 (paragraph 7 for more informations). The units of measure is cm/s (centimetres per second), but is possible to convert it in mm/s (millimeters per second) multiplying the value on the display X10.

Displacement: Usually used for measurement on low speed machinery for his good response to low frequency, becomes ineffective for bearings measurement.Make measurements in/mm on peaks.

Some example of use: Mechanical resistance, usury, duration of the various machinery organs; Safety of a proper operation that could be affected by excessive vibration (loosening of clampings, displacementof windingsinelectric machines ecc.) Repercussion of vibrations of a machinery part on other (bearings, gears, couplings, base plates, foundation, etc..) and on near machines. Quality of work produced by machinery (machine tools, textiles, paper, rolling mill) Quality of workplace and of maintenance operations on machinery.

Conform to ISO2954,GB13823.3 standard



Acceleration (peak value)

Bandpass filter

10Hz - 1Khz

0.1~400 m/s²

10Hz - 10Khz

RMS velocity

10Hz - 1Khz

0.1~400 mm/s


10Hz - 1Khz

0.001~4.0 mm









Auto switch off


Output setting


(Full scale peak)

Data output

PC interface

Earphone output

Operating condition

0~50 °C ≤90%RH

Power supply

2x1.5V AA

Battery indicator

Si / Yes


130x70x30 mm

Weight (without batteries)


Standard supply

Main unit

Carrying case

Powerful rare earth magnet

Piezoelectricity 3-axis transducer

2 Stinger probe


Optional accessories

Cable and software



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