Colorimeters and Spectrophotometers

Colour difference meter is a device used to measure chromatic differences, which allows performing accurate measurements of differences between all colour types of the same material. Colour meters are able to operate on plastic, metal, printings and painted surfaces and are mainly employed to perform quality checks on incoming and outgoing goods.

The colour meter operating principle bases on the measurement of chromatic aspects of the light that arrives on the surfaces from any source, directly or indirectly. This device is used especially for its compactness and portability, in analysis of intermediate stages in materials production, such as clothing, construction, interior decoration, plastics, paint, coatings and porcelain.

Sama Tools colour meters are digital and portable devices, perfect to be used for field measurement and easy to use. They can measure colour differences between two different samples of the same material quickly and accurately.


Spectrophometers perform full spectrographic analysis of the color covering the whole wavelength in the visible, verifying the spectral curves and the metamerism. Two objects, equally illuminated, can have the same color with a given light source, but different color with another light source. Therefore, two objects of the same color, but produced at different times and with non-identical products, can reflect light in different ways. Spectrophotometer uses the principle of spectroscopy combination, that is to separate the light according to a certain wavelength interval. Spectrophometers are widely used in automotive, plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, fashion, printing, food, medical, cosmetic, scientific research institutes, schools and laboratories. The instrument is equipped with high-end color management software.


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