What is crimping?

What is crimping?

Fabiana Fanti
12 January 2024

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What is crimping?


Crimping consists of the physical and electric connection of an electric cable with a suitable termination or connector with the aid of a crimping tool.

Crimping takes place through mechanical crushing, so that the cable remains locked on the connector thanks to the pressure exerted during this operation. Crimping therefore can be compared to a type of soldering.


Measuring the peak breaking point of crimped cables.


It is possible to measure the peak breaking point with a specific instrument called the Crimping Test Stand by SAMA Tools.

This tensile test is a fast and destructive method for evaluating the mechanical properties of a cable end.


It is a horizontal system to test the tearing on cable lugs and consists of a sturdy horizontal positioner stand with lever control and a high precision digital force gauge.


The crimping test consists of securing the wire and the cable end in the special clamps and manually initiating the tensile test, through the lever mechanism until the crimped cable unthreads.

Once the test has terminated, it will be possible to read, as well as download on a PC, the maximum peak holding value or the force curve, which took place during the traction period.

In this way, crimped cable lugs can be quickly and efficiently verified, even during the production process or for quality control tests.


In the following video, one of our technicians shows how the Crimping Test Stand is used and how it can be used to measure the final crimping height.




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