02 March 2018



The new catalogue dedicated to non-destructive testing instruments is coming soon, in both paper format and in online digital version.




We think that the catalogue is an indispensable means for supporting our customers in autonomous, rapid, but at the same time accurate choice of NDT instruments.

The aim is to make available to all our customers and all people working in the sector a highly professional, easy-to-read catalogue that can be used as a technical manual for measurement and control tests.

The new catalogue adopts a very elegant and refined design, where every space and colour is intended to ensure an immediate but also exhaustive, accurate and simple reading, rich in technical details.

Published in Italian and English, it is the result of months of sterling work involving all our technicians, commercials, graphic designers and professional photographers.


What to expect from the new catalogue?


This catalogue provides a wide offer for an immediate response to any measurement and control need, in civil and industrial fields, but also in production line, control checks, testing, and so on.

We created 14 easy-to-read sections:

-          Roughness measurement and control

-          Ultrasonic thickness measurement

-          Flaw inspections

-          Coating thickness measurement

-          FILM mechanical performances measurement

-          Original coating performances control

-          FILM applicators

-          Colour and gloss differences measurement

-          Force measurement

-          Materials hardness measurement

-          Mechanic industry measurement and control

-          Environmental measurement

-          Industrial video inspection systems

-          Electricity industry measurement


Next to each product, you will find the related technical features and high definition photos in order to appreciate every detail.


We are sure that sections and data in the catalogue will allow you to independently make the comparison between various models and get to the most suitable choice for your needs.

We always guarantee our help, of course, to those who feel the need to discuss with us for some advice.

You can always count on many tools ready for delivery, as we know that to the question: "When do you need the instrument?"

Most of our customers answer "Yesterday!"


Where you can find the new NDT catalogue?


The paper version will be distributed in preview at MECSPE Fair in Parma from 22nd to 24th March 2018 at Hall 3 Booth E69.

MECSPE Fair could be the chance for you to meet our technicians and see measuring instruments that we have specially selected for the event.

The catalogue will then be sent by post to those who request it.

Simultaneously with the Fair, you can find on our website the catalogue in digital format, for quick reference, wherever you are.

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