Discover the free International vocabulary of metrology

Discover the free International vocabulary of metrology

Fabiana Fanti
01 October 2018

What is “VIM” ? The International vocabulary of metrology


VIM is an international vocabulary, which shows the terms related to basic and general concepts of metrology, with numerous examples in different application fields. It is translated into 3 languages:


  1. Italian
  2. English
  3. French




Why a vocabulary of metrology?

The vocabulary was designed to become a clear and unambiguous means that avoids bad interpretations of technical documents and measurement results.


To whom is the VIM useful?

Many subjects can benefit from the vocabulary of metrology:

1.      Trade and professional associations

2.      Regulators

3.      Accreditation bodies

4.      Regulatory authorities

5.      Universities

6.      Purchase Departments

7.      Quality Departments

8.      Measuring instruments manufacturers



Who translated the Italian version?


The Italian translation is due to CEI (Italian Electronic Committee), in collaboration with UNI (Italian standardization body). In addition to the paid version, paper or file, they make it free for a wider dissemination.

 The VIM allows you to consult directly the items of interest in metrology field, providing for each item the complete definition and translation into Italian, English and French.



How to consult the VIM for free?

It's fast and simple, click here to see the VIM!



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