Weight indicators with backlight LCD display

Weight indicators with backlight LCD display

Weight indicators - WS-WDL 


Main features:

  • ABS weight indicator suitable for table/column mounting with adjustable bracket or wall mounting with clamp, IP67 front protection,6 cable glands.
  • Semialphanumeric backlight LCD,18mm digits,7-segment,46 reporting symbols.
  • Waterproof membrane keyboard ,6 function keys, with buzzer.
  • Provided with power supply and connectable to the network.RS232 and RS485 serial output for PC/PLC connection up to 32 instruments (max 99 line repeaters), weight repeaters, printers and/or data loggers.
  • Dimensions: 122 X 226 X 164 mm.
  • May be approved by CE-M. Stainless steel version available on demand (WS-WIXR).

Main functions:

  • 2 set-points configurable as normally open or normally closed.
  • Programming of hysteresis values for each set-point.
  • Display of maximum peak.
  • Net / Gross function by keyboard or external contact.
  • Manual adjustment of the value of zero when it is not possible to reset.
  • Auto reset when starting.
  • Print weight by keyboard or external contact.
  • Real Time Clock / Calendar.

Cod. prodotto

Product code



Divisioni interne

Internal divisions

N. decimali


Letture al secondo



Power supply


< 0.01% F.S.

± 999.999



12 ÷ 24 Vdc

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