Sandblasting roughness surface comparator

Sandblasting roughness surface comparator

SA6204SAB - Sandblasting roughness surface comparator

Surface proper preparation before performing coating processing is essential, in order to ensure a correct anchorage and proper degree of protection given by the coating itself. It is therefore necessary to check roughness or profile fall within certain predetermined parameters to achieving a good result; values below or above these parameters could induce in the first case of poor adhesion, and second to potential presence of special (peaks) exposed or poorly protected.

Optical comparators surface roughness sandblasting spherical “Shot” and angular “Grit” includes a series of standard sandblasted surface comparator useful for comparison and identification of roughness surface values with visual and tactile method

Note: Surface comparators can not be certified.



Modello / Model




ISO 8503-1 ; ISO 8503-2 ; ASTM D 4417-A ; IMO MSC.215(82) ; IMO MSC.244(83) ; AS 3894.5

Tipo di sabbiatura / Sandblasting type



Valori rugosità / Roughness value

25 , 60 , 100 , 150 μm

25 , 40 , 70 , 100 μm





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