Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer
  • Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer
  • Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer
  • Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer
  • Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer
  • Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer

Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer

Integrating Sound Level Meter - HD2110L 

Portable Analyzer HD2110L is an integrating sound level meter of high precision , it has functions of data-logging and it can make spectrum and statistical analysis.

The instrument has been designed to offer maximum services on acoustic phenomena analysis with particular attention to italian laws on environmental noise. Attention has been given to the possibility to adjust the instrument on legislation’s evolution. Is also possible to add HD2110L options capable to extend applications and the firmware can be updated by user using “ Noise Studio” equipped.


  • Real time spectrum analysis for octave bans from 16Hz to 16 kHz; 
  • Real time spectrum analysis for third/octave bands with two filter banks: from 16Hz to 20kHz and from 14Hz to 18kHz (option HD2110.O1); 
  • Narrow band spectrum analysis (FFT) to 7Hz to 22 kHz with resolution variable from 1.5 Hz to 100 Hz. Capture Leq profile every 1/32s (option HD2110.O6);
  • Statistical analysis with calculation of probability’s distribution in 0.5dB classes and of all percentiles from L1 to L99; 
  • Simultaneous memorization of multiparametric profiles, reportsat programmable intervals and reports associated automatically to acoustic events identified manually or automatically 
  • Measuring of reverberation time by interrupted source method and with impulse response integration method (option HD2110.O4).


  • Noise monitoring with capture function and analysis of acoustic events; 
  • Measure of acoustic pollution according to decree of 16/03/1998; 
  • Identification of tonal components also located at the intersection of bands and third/octave bands;
  • Evaluation of component spectrum audibility byreal-time comparisonwith isophonics ; 
  • Measure in work places and selection of self – protection gear (SNR, HML and OBM methods); 
  • Sound insulation and reclamation; 
  • Quality control of production and machinery noise measure; Architectural acoustic , acoustic classification of housing units and buildings measures.

According to : IEC 61672-1 year 2002 ( Conformity certificate I.E.N n.37035-01C), IEC 60651 and IEC 60804; 

Octave and third/octave filters class 1 according to IEC 61260; 

Microphone conform to IEC 61094-4.


·          class 1 group X according to IEC 61672:2002 and class 1 according to IEC 60651:2001 and IEC 60804:2000

·          class 1 according to IEC 61260:1995

·          type 1 according to  ANSI S1.4-1983 and S1.43-1997

·          class 1-D, order 3, Extended gamma according to  ANSI S1.11-1986

Microphones ½”

§      MC21 condenser, polarized to 200V, free field , type WS2F according to IEC 61094-4.

§      MC23 condenser with membrane protected from corrosion, polarized to 200V,  free field, type WS2F according to IEC 61094-4 (combined with external unit HD.WME950).

§      MC22 condenser, polarized to 200V, free field, type WS2D according to IEC 61094-4.


23 dBA ÷ 143 dB Peak

Linear range

110 dB

Acoustic parameters

Spl, Leq, LTeq, SEL, LEP,d, Lmax, Lmin, Lpk, Dose, Ln

Frequency weightings

simultaneous A, C, Z (only C and Z for Lpk)

Time weightings

Simultaneous FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE


from 1second to 99 hours with erasing function (Back-Erase)

Spectrum analysis

Parallel filters in real-time conformed to class1 specifications of IEC61260

§      Octave bands from 16 Hz to 16 kHz

§      Double third octave filter bank with central frequencies from 16 Hz to 20 kHz and from 14 Hz to18 kHz (option HD2110.O1)

§      FFT from 7 Hz to 22 kHz with variable resolutions from 1.5 Hz to 100 Hz (option HD2110.O6)

Mode Average spectrum (AVR), multispectrum (MLT),  maximum spectrum (MAX) and minimum (MIN).

Spectrum analysis can be weighted A o C or can not be weighted (Z).


Real time comparison between spectrum for third octave bands and isophonic curves according to ISO 266:2003 (option HD2110.O1)

Statistical analysis

Calculation of probability distribution and of percentile levels from L1 to L99.

§      Parameter: LFp, Leq, Lpk weighted A, C or Z (only C or Z for Lpk)

§      Sampling frequency: 8 sample/second

§      Classification: classes of 0.5 dB

Events analysis

Calculation of  5 event parameters freely progammable

Calculation of medium spectrum for octave and third-octave bands

Calculation of statistical levels from L1 to L99

Trigger for events identification with programmable alarm and filtro di durata.

External and manual trigger

Reverberation time

Reverberation time measuring by interruption of acoustic source or integration of impulse response according to ISO 3382 (option HD2110).

Data logging profiles

1 profile with programmable sampling of 1/8second to 1 hour and 5 profiles with 2 sample/second

Data logging spectrum

Programmable sampling of  0.5s to 1 hour (mode MLT, MAX or MIN)


Graphic display 128x64 back lighted

§      5 parameters in numeric form

§      Profile of a selected parameter with sampling of 1/8 seconds to 1 hour

§      Octave bands spectrum of 16 Hz to 16 kHz

§      Third-octave bands spectrum of 16 Hz to 20 kHz or of 14 Hz to 18 kHz (option HD2110.O1)

§      Chart probability distribution of noise level in 0.5 dB classes, 1dB or 2dB

§      Percentile levels chart from L1 to L99

§      Spectrum analysis for end band (FFT) of 7 Hz to 22 kHz (option HD2110.O6)


8MB interal (1 profile for 72 hours or more than 46 days saving 5 parameters + spectrum every minutes)

External, by i memory card interface HD2010MC, with SD cards up to 2GB.


§      Serial RS232 ed USB

§      Input and Output AC (LINE)

§      External trigger for events identification

§      DC output

Software Pc

Noise Studio (equipped):  PC interface for data downloading, setup and sound level meter management .Software modules of analysis can be activated on license with hardware key

§          ”Workers protection: noise analysis on work places conform to D.L. 81/2008 and to standards UNI 9432 ed ISO 9612..

§      ”Acoustic pollution”: analysisof the acoustic climate, of disturbance caused by traffic and transport infrastructure such as railways and airports,conform to decree of 16/03/1998 and to D.L. 194 of 19/08/2005.

§      “Acoustic insulation”: evaluation of passive acoustic requirements of buildingsconform to D.P.C.M. of  5/12/1997 (requires the option “Reverberation time”).

§                      “Monitor”: for real time acquisition on PC mass memory even in remote location via  modem connected to the sound level meter.The software allows to program measures and calibration with timer and to register audio with event’s trigger programmable

§      “Environmental noise”: analysis of acoustic pollution  and of environmental sources with automatic identification of  impulsive and tonal sources

Conform to National decree (D.M. 16/03/1998) and comunitary.

Environmental parameters of use

Working‑10€50‹C, 25÷90%RH (without condensation), 65÷108kPa. Protection grade: IP64

Power supply

4 batteries typeAA alcaline or rechargeable NiMH or external 9÷12Vdc 300mA

Dimensions and weight

445 x 100 x 50 mm with preamplifier , 740g (with batteries).



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