Infrared Thermometer for body temperature

Termometro per corpo umano / Human body thermometer

S.A.M.A. Italia introduces infrared thermometers for body temperature.

We moved from the very beginning to respond to the thousands of requests from companies all over the world who need to equip themselves with infrared thermometers for human use.

Overnight  it has become essential to avoid the access to all the employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers who have a body temperature higher than that provided from the competent Bodies.

The availability of non-contact infrared thermometers to measure body temperature with a safe distance is the new and urgent need of all companies.

S.A.M.A. Italia is ready to respond to this new need.

We are gonna start all together again, stronger than before!

Infrared Thermometer for body temperature - SAIR805B

Instrument used for measuring temperature without contact.

The human body infrared thermometer is employed for accurate measurement of body temperature.

 Infrared thermometers are easy to use and allow collecting data in safety, even where traditional instruments could not operate.


Modello / Model


Campo di misura (corpo umano)

Measuring range (body mode)

32,0 ~ 42,0 °C

Precisione / Accuracy

± 0,3 °C or ± 0,2 °C ( 36,0 ~ 39,0 °C )

Risoluzione / Resolution

0,1 °C

Unità di misura / Measuring units

C° / F°

Schermo / Display

Backlight LCD display

Altre funzioni / Additional features

Auto data hold; Auto switch-off

Distanza di misurazione

Measuring distance

50 mm

Alimentazione / Power supply

9V batteries *

* Batteries not included 

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