Guide to scales and weight measuring devices

Weight measurement is one of the most commonly performed measure and has its roots in the early days of mankind. Weight measurement field has evolved , passing from simple comparison scale ,used by farmers and fishermen, to digital and highly specific weighing systems for each sector like : manufacturing, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, automotive, shipbuilding industry, railway industry, aeronautics sector, jewelry, precision mechanical workshops, car review workshops, transport etc.

In other words we can say that our whole world, goods, people, raw materials, fuels, chemicals etc . can be traduced in weight. To do this there are many kinds of instruments, designed for each need and detailed in their operation.


Greater accuracy and sectorial specifity leads us to divide scales in various groups and the multitude of solutions available for the user suggests to use broader term of weight measurement devices, real systems which can many from simple single pan count – pieces scale to more complex  weighing apparatus specifically designed to customer needs and used to weigh vessels during construction steps.


Below a list of common solutions for weight measurement:


Single-pan scales


The weighing device more similar to traditional scales and for this reason the most diffused . Possibilities for customization are limitless and these kinds of products are the most widely used measurement instrument in the world. SAMA Tools offers a wide range of below cost canned solutions and provides its own technical department for further required customization . The selection flips between a painted metal chassis products to those , more indicated for pharmaceutical / food ,  completely in stainless steel.


Piece - counting scales and multiple piece - counter sampling systems


This kind of  weight measurement system is especially required in industrial where are produced a large number of identical parts and it’s necessary keep the count for reasons related to the speed of order processing, inventory control, and efficiency of production cycles .
Simplest models provide integrated solutions included load pan , load cell and weight indicator ,  while most complicated are composed of multiple weight measurement systems in order to create a traceability chain of multistage sampling, controlled by a single weight indicator in order to achieve maximum accuracy and measurements repeatability.
The weight measurements devices range SAMA Tools has a specific line for piece-counting scales and a technical department will guide you step by step into solution composition that best suits your needs.


Crane scales


This series of weight devices is particularly common in precision engineering industries , shipbuilding , construction , railway and transport. Easy to install and designed to operate in extreme conditions, is essential for all applications where it is necessary make several weighted with very high weights .Essential in every basic production sector. SAMA Tools, thanks to its experience with years of work in major reality of precision engineering, can recommend the best solution.


Weighing fork lift truck and pallet scales


In the whole world goods are shipped loaded on pallets . The greater use of pallets as a logistic solution is fundamental to have weighing systems for goods loaded on them without moving them uselessly creating a wasting of time , resources and risks related to moving loads. Weighing fork lift trucks and  pallet scales are the intelligent response to this need and constitute a great help in assessing what means is most appropriated for handling goods.
SAMA tools weighing fork lift trucks and pallet scales  are tough, made of coated metal or stainless
steel with high quality construction and can satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Weighing platforms


With weighing platforms we enter in shipbuilding field , of paper , of landfills and revision workshops for rubber transports ( cars , trucks, etc.). Weighing platforms represent an important part of weighing systems and their function is essential for many industries . Having to support very high loads their toughness is a primary indicator to consider  and material quality it ‘s important to ensure safety at work
SAMA tools provides its customers a team of professional installers that will perform set up and all other required operation  like maintenance , service and calibration.


Weight indicators


Most professional solutions for weighing are used in basic productive sector and are frequently composed on customers specification . The weight indicator, although it hasn’t weighting function, is an important part because it represent the  scale interfaceability with user and other devices like labeling machines ,  personal computers etc. The possibility to equip weight indicators with different specifications allows you to answer timely to each customer needs. There are many types of weight indicators , from those ultra – simple with few keys to real mini – computers that can analyze and process data coming from load cells.
With most advanced models is possible to calculate CG , check weight on each axis or calculate the catch weight respect to vessel hold , without forgetting the above piece - counter function.
SAMA Tools offers a wide range of weight indicators , from plastic models to those manufactured in waterproof metal.


Load cell


Is the heart of every modern weighing system and can be single or multiple depending on the type of balance which is included . Load cells have function to send impulses to weight indicator (integrated or not) that will translate into numerical factors comprehensible to operator.
Load cell quality is a key element in defining the reliability level, accuracy and robustness of the scale. SAMA Tools load cells are designed to last and made with high quality materials.




Scale calibration is essential to certify reliability of each weighing device. To confirm this affirmation there are all regulations that require a periodic obligatory calibration for all weight measuring systems that belong to key sectors such as food and jewelry , without forgetting all situations where scales has a revenue function (for example , supermarket scales).
Calibration must be necessarily done by qualified personnel , equipped with the right control equipment and credited in a  concerning commerce chamber . Each calibration procedure must be accompanied by an appropriate certificate and report the inspection date. SAMA Italia S.r.l. offers a calibration service at its plant or directly at the customer site, all over the national territory.
Keep an eye on our offers to find products with calibration report included!


The right "weight" to quality, price, service and equipment


Scales and weighing systems are part of the greater competition area in the field of measurement instruments. SAMA Tools, with its exclusive line of standard and custom solutions, and with the
experienced technical - sales department appears as a leading company in this sector. 
We can say this because our quality. products is at the highest levels while keeping competitive prices we can also offer a warranty that protect the customer in every way .
As if this wasn’t enough many  products include calibration relationship , necessary  for an efficacious utilization



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