Digital belt tension tester

Digital belt tension tester

Digital belt tension tester - SABT2800

Belt tension tester can be used to measure and adjust the tension of timing and auxiliary belts fitted to motor vehicles and other machines.
Tension value can be displayed in a variety of standard and manufacturers’ units. Tension limits can be set into the instrument, either manually or automatically. During belt tension measurement and adjustment, the belt tension is displayed. A visual and audible indication of whether the tension is within or outside the set limits is also given. The alarm is very useful for the user, because he can avoid to read the display while adjusting the belt.



Modello / Model


Campo di misura Measuring range


0 ~ 750 N


0 ~ 120 lb


0 ~ 77 kg


0 ~ 114

Larghezza cinghia / Belt Width

< 36 mm

Segnale Sovraccarico / Overload Alarm

750 N

Carico Max / Maximum Load

850 N

Risoluzione / Resolution

± 1 Newton or 1 least significant digit of other units

Precisione / Accuracy

  ± 5% F.S.

Uscita Dati / Data Output


Alimentazione / Power

AAA batteries

Dimensioni / Dimensions

   135 x 62 x 33 mm

Peso / Weight

335 g

Dotazione Standard / Standard Supply:
Unità centrale / Main unit
Sonda esterna / External probe
Valigetta / Carrying case
Manuale d’uso / User’s manual

Accessori Opzionali / Optional Accessories:
Cavo e software / Cable and software
Certificato di taratura / Calibration report


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