XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber - SAXT860

Sunlight, temperature, humidity, dew and bad weather cause a lot of damage such as cracking, glazing and discolouration of the materials. This damage can occur both indoors (the light that filters through the windows) and outdoors. The Xenon accelerated aging chamber simulates in days or weeks this damage which, in real conditions, would occur in months or years. The xenon lamp, having a longer wavelength range, simulates the full spectrum of sunlight (UV, visible light and infrared).

SAXT860 is a professional and easy-to-use xenon test chamber.  Thanks to an air-cooled Xenon lamp and relevant daylight filter, it can simulate the full spectrum of outdoor sunlight more accurately and truthfully. In this way, test results obtained in laboratory have a perfect correlation with outdoor application. 

The samples are placed on a rotating drum, in such a way that they are at the same distance from the light source and receive irradiation uniformly throughout the test.

Operator can set all required test parameters on touch screen and can check the running status at any time. 

All test parameters can be exported to computer directly through the USB interface.

Modello / Model



ISO 12040 ; ISO 16474-1 ; ISO 16474-2 ; ISO 4892-1 ; ISO 4892-2 ; ISO 3917
ISO 105-B02 ; ISO 105-B04 ; ISO 105-B06

ASTM D 3451 ; ASTM D 3794 ; ASTM D 4303 ; ASTM D 6577

ASTM D 6695 ; ASTM G 151 ; ASTM G 155

Lampada Xenon

Xenon lamp

1.8 KW x 1pc (life about 1.500 hours)



Daylight -  (Optional: window glass, extended UV)

Area di esposizione campioni

Test panel exposure area

2.200 cm2 (22 pcs samples of 150×70mm)

Regolazione dell’irradiamento

Adjustable irradiance range

0.3 ~ 0.75 W/m2 (Single point of control: 340nm)

0.5 ~ 1.35 W/m2 (Single point of control: 420nm)

       30 W/m~ 90 W/m2 (Full spectrum: from 300 ~ 400nm)

Spettro dell’irradiamento

Controlling irradiance point

340nm or 420nm


300nm ~ 400nm (show at the same time)

Regolazione temperatura del pannello nero

Adjustment of black board temperature

+30 ~ +90°C

Regolazione temperatura della camera

Adjustment of working room temperature

+8 ~ +62°C

Regolazione dell’umidità relativa

Adjustment of relative humidity

20% ~ 75% (Light phases)

50% ~ 95% (Dark phases)

Consumo d’acqua

Water consumption

2Lt/minute (spray)

Alimentazione / Power supply

380 V

Potenza / Power

4KW (instant power can reach 6KW)

Dimensioni (LxPxA)

Size (LxWxH)

860 x 800 x 1740 mm

Peso / Weight

200 Kg

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