XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

XENON Accelerated Aging Test Chamber - SAXT860

SAXT860 is a powerful and easy to use xenon test chamber.  It uses a air-cooled xenon lamp and relevant daylight filter (both are imported from America), to simulate more real and much better the full spectrum sun light of outdoor, ensure the test results obtained from laboratory have a perfect correlation with outdoor application. Furthermore, the samples holder is designed with a special rotating drum to ensure each sample can obtain the same and uniform irradiance during the whole test.

SAXT860 Xenon Test Chamber can meet with all standards requirements from different fields, it can hold 22 pieces samples, not only has spray function, but also can control the relative humidity of working room.


Operator can set all required test parameters through the touch screen, and can check its running status at any time. All running parameters can be exported to computer directly through the USB interface.

Modello / Model



ISO 11341; ISO 12040; ISO 16474-1; ISO 16474-2; ISO 4892-1; ISO 4892-2; ASTM D3451; ASTM D3794; ASTM D4303; ASTM D5010; ASTM D6577; ASTM D6695; ASTM G151; ASTM G155;

Lampade xeno

Xenon lamp

One 1,8 KW xenon lamp



Daylight filter (possibility to choose an extended UV filter or a glass filter)

Durata della lampada

Lamp lifetime

About 1.500 hours

Area di esposizione campioni

Test pannel exposure area

2.200 cm2 (22 pcs samples of 150×70mm size)

Campo di regolazione dell’irradiamento

Adjustable irradiance range

0.3 ~ 0.75 W/m2 (Single point of control: 340nm)

0.5 ~ 1.35 W/m2 (Single point of control: 420nm)

       30 W/m2 ~ 90 W/m2 (Full spectru: from 300 ~ 400nm)

Punto di controllo dell’irradiamento

Controlling irradiance point

340nm or 420nm


300nm ~ 400nm (show at the same time)

Campo di regolazione della temperatura

Adjustable temperature range

+30°C ~ +90°C

Campo di regolazione dell’umidità

Adjustable relative humidity of working room

20% ~ 75% (Light)

50% ~ 95% (Dark)

Alimentazione / Power supply

380 Vac; 4KW AC (Instant power can reach 6KW)

Dimensioni complessiva

Overall dimension

860 × 800 × 1740 mm (LxWxH)

Peso / Weight

200 Kg


Dotazione Standard / Standard Supply: 

Unità centrale / Main unit

Manuale d'uso / User's manual


Accessori opzionali / Optional Accessories:

Lampade Xenon / Xenon lamps

Radiometro di calibrazione Xenon / Xenon calibration radiometer

Macchina per acqua pura (50L / h) / Pure water machine (50L/h)

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