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             1 – ORDERS AND SHIPMENTS –                         In case of agreed payment by instalment, failure to pay even one
                                                                instalment will result, pursuant to art. 1186 c.c, the expiry of the
             The Company is S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l.® , located in Trav. Via Libeccio   benefit of the term, and S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l will immediately be able
             48/f Zona Ind. Comparini, 55049 Viareggio (LU) P.IVA/C.F. and   to demand the whole payment, after informing that it wishes to avail
             Lucca Business Register: 02183240460 - R.E.A.: LU-204061  itself of this faculty.
             You can place an order just sending an e-mail to: sales@samatools.  S.A.M.A. Italia Srl is free to avail itself, from the formulation of
             it or fax to: 0584/398299                          formal  notice,  of  Professionals  or  consultants  appointed  to  this
                                                                purpose, and the related management fees, in accordance with the
             Every order will be followed by an Order’s confirmation by fax or   provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2002 regarding late payment
             e-mail. The confirmation will include prices and expected delivery   in the context of commercial transactions, will be fully paid by the
             date. Following this Order’s confirmation stamped and signed for   defaulting customer.
             acceptance, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1326 of
             Civil Code, the order will be valid in all the situations laid down by   4 – SHIPMENT –
                                                                The goods travel at the risk of customer, even if the carriage is free-
             It does not affect the right of S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. to follow the order   of-charge. We will not be responsible for theft and / or damage.
             directly without customer’s advanced confirmation, in compliance   Upon explicit written request of the customer, the goods can be
             with the provisions of art. 1327 c.c.              insured, subject to acceptance of the related quotation.
             The orders during processing cannot be cancelled.  The  customer  has  always  to  pay  freight  costs,  unless  otherwise
             Open orders, with multiple delivery dates arranged within a settled
             deadline, will give the right to keep the products’ price stable until   The goods will be sent with carriage-prepaid service (i.e. through
             the fulfilment of the whole order. In order to have the right to keep   our courier debiting the transport cost on the invoice).
             the price stable it will be strictly necessary to purchase the entire
             quantity of products originally ordered. If some units are not paid   Please note: only for orders with total amount more than 300€,
             within the order’s expiry, goods will be automatically delivered and   excluding VAT, we can ship with customer’s forwarder – freight
             invoiced.                                          collect.
             Open orders cannot be cancelled.                   The delivery is intended on the ground floor. For delivery to a
                                                                specified floor, it is necessary to make a written request before the
             S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l will therefore have the right, in any case of   order is evaded and you will be notified of any surcharge requested
             received and confirmed order, to demand the fully agreed payment.  by the couriers.
             The minimum order is of € 150.00 + VAT for end users and € 500 +   5  –  AFTER-SALES  SERVICES,  RETURNED  GOODS  AND
             VAT for retailers. Transport costs and cash on delivery fees do not   COMPLAINTS –
             contribute to the achievement of minimum order.
                                                                The request for after-sales assistance must be made in writing
             Delivery  dates  are  indicative:  they  can  be  subject  to  change   to the following dedicated e-mail address:,
             compared to those indicated in the order confirmation, for reasons   describing the problem and indicating all references relating to the
             beyond our control.                                date of purchase and customer’s phone numbers. Our after-sales
                                                                Department will take care of your request by contacting you promptly
             In  any case, S.A.M.A.  Italia  S.r.l.  will not  respond  to  delivery   to solve any problem and limit the inconvenience. The company
             problems of any nature and / or delays not dependent on the   does  not accept  returned  goods  unless  authorized  by  Sales
             Company or otherwise not attributable to it, such as, merely by way   department. In case of return due to customer’s mistaken order,
             of example, strikes, disasters, extraordinary events and in any case   the refund will be made within 10 days from goods receipt. In any
             unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure.     case, customer will be charged 30% of settled price. Every return
                                                                or item substitution, even if covered by warranty, should be shipped
             2 – PRICES AND PROMOTIONS –
                                                                to our head office freight paid. The goods arriving at the expense of
             All prices shown are always intended excluding VAT.  S.A.M.A. Italy S.r.l. will therefore be rejected. Any complaint about
                                                                any defects and / or lack of quality must be formulated no later than
             Promotions are valid until exhaustion stocks or until the date stated   8 days from goods receipt; otherwise, entitlement to the refund shall
             in them.                                           be lost.
             3 – PAYMENTS –                                     6 – JURISDICTION AND ATTEMPT AT CONCILIATION –

             Payments must be made within settled dates indicated in our   For any dispute concerning validity, effectiveness, execution,
             Order’s confirmation.                              default and interpretation of the orders formulated to S.A.M.A.
                                                                Italia S.r.l., the competent jurisdiction will be, exclusively, that of
             For delayed payments compared to the terms indicated in the   Lucca. Any controversy better specified in the first paragraph must
             invoice, the Company will apply fixed costs of € 10.00 plus VAT and,   be preceded, in any case, by a conciliation attempt aimed at the
             from the moment of late payment and without the need for a formal   amicable settlement of the dispute, to be carried out at the Chamber
             notice of delay, interest for late payment according to the Legislative   of Commerce of Lucca. In any case, S.A.M.A. Italia S.r.l. has the
             Decree 231/2002 concerning delayed payments in the context of   right  to  act  directly,  without  an  advanced  conciliation  attempt,  in
             commercial transactions.                           order to recover the credit arising from unpaid orders.

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